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Virus Zero Desk & Wall Air Sterilizer

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Quick Overview

The Virus Zero Desk & Wall Air Sterilizer uses cutting-edge technology to sterilize air in your bedroom, or office (up to 633 square feet)! Forget costly replacement filters and target bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold, smoke, and volatile organic compounds using Samsung's new Super Plasma Ion Technology.

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The Virus Zero Desk & Wall Air Sterilizer uses award-winning Samsung Super Plasma Ion (SPI) Technology to sterilize rooms up to 633 square feet without the need for any replacement filters. This model is perfect for mounting onto a wall to provide clean air to large living areas without creating an eye sore. Samsung's new SPI technology is capable of:

  • Eliminating allergens, fungi, bacteria, and mold
  • Neutralizing active oxygen radicals
  • Quickly eliminating airborne viruses
  • Filterless air sterilization

Active hydrogen and oxygen ions that are generated eliminate harmful biological contaminants and active oxygen, which is scientifically linked to aging and skin diseases. The active hydrogen and oxygen ions form hydroperoxy radicals (HOO-) that react with positively charge airborne contaminants to form water vapor, rendering the contaminants harmless. OH-radicals react with active hydrogen to form water vapor too! Breathe comfortably and stay healthy. 

Active hydrogen atoms and oxygen ions sterilize the air.

Unlike other air purifiers that only filters air that passes through the purifier itself, the Virus Zero Air Sterilizer emits active hydrogen and oxygen ions that fill the room Extensive research has been conducted internationally to certify the effectiveness of SPi Technology. Institutions such as Kitasato Environmental Science Center, Yonsei University, Kisato Medical Center, Korea Consuming Environmental Science Center, British Allergy Foundation, Research Triangle Institute, Seoul Toxicology Laboratory, and Hiroshima University. 

Test results for SPi Technology.

Ozone tests for the Virus Zero Protable Air Sterilizer have deemed this sterilizer Ozone Free. High quality cars in Asia and international hospitals are beginning to integrate SPi technology into their operations to deliver clean air to their customers and patients.

Size: 16.5" x 3.2" x 9.7"

Weight: 3.2 lbs

Input Voltage: A/C 110V

Clean Air Coverage: 633 sq. ft.

Average Product Life: 10+ Years

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Manufacturer Virus Zero

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