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Symptoms of Allergies and/or Chemical Sensitivities

Most people only associate allergies with stuffy or runny nose, congestion, teary eyes, and sometimes headaches or migraines. The truth is allergies and/or chemical sensitivities can actually cause a considerably larger number of ailments. For example, backaches and other body aches, can be symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Here is a partial list of symptoms that can be caused by allergies and/or chemical sensitivities:

  • coughing
  • sneezing
  • runny nose
  • stuffy nose
  • shortness of breath
  • irritated eyes
  • headache
  • migraine
  • fatigue or sleepiness
  • depression
  • skin rashes
  • joint pain
  • back or neck aches
  • numbness
  • muscle weakness
  • disorientation
  • swelling
  • increased pulse rate


If you are suffering from any of these symptoms and they have not been responding to traditional medical treatments, you should consider having yourself checked for allergies and chemical sensitivities.


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