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SEBO Felix Series Automatic Upright Vacuum

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Quick Overview

FELIX 1 Premium:

12" wide with 10.5" cleaning path.

FELIX 2 Premium:

14.5" wide with 12" cleaning path.

FELIX 4 Kombi :

12" wide with 11.5" cleaning path.

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SEBO Felix Series Upright Vacuums

SEBO FELIX Series Upright Vacuums

The SEBO FELIX Series vacuum offers the convenience of a canister vacuum with the functionality of an upright vacuum. The head of the FELIX Series Vacuum is extremely maneuverable thanks to the flexible neck. The detachable suction unit transforms into a light-weight hand-held vacuum perfect for small jobs. The included instant-use suction hose works great for tight spaces and staircases. In its regular configuration, the FELIX Series Vacuum is built for use on both carpets and hard floors. The power head deep cleans thick carpets and the brush can be shut off when cleaning delicate carpets. An included parquet brush adapts the FELIX for hard floor use. The DISCO head transforms the FELIX into a polisher.

All SEBO vacuums are manufactured with the highest standards and are backed by a manufacturer's 5 Year Parts, Motor, and Labor Warranty in addition to AlerG's own 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Each model is engineered and manufactured in Germany and uses SEBO's extremely convenient changing bags that can be upgraded to S-Class and HEPA filters for allergy sufferers.


3-Step Filtration Technology:

  1. Heavy-Duty, Easy-Load Bags: Bagless vacuums might seem more cost-effective and convenient, but every allergy sufferer knows that for premium results vacuums require heavy-filtration bags. SEBO offers top-fill, three and four-layer bags that capture virtually all dirt and prevent the dirt from recycling into your air. A vacuum should assist in conquering allergies and not spread them around the house. 
  2. S-Class Microfilters & HEPA Microfilters (optional): Schwebstoff Filters are made of electrostatically charged microfibers, which attract and capture dust particles that might otherwise be left uncaptured by bagless vacuums. 99.9% of particles 0.3 microns in diameter. SEBO also offers HEPA Microfilters that capture a minimum of 99.97% of airborne matter as small as 0.3 microns in diameter.Each HEPA filter come with an additional four-layer Ultra-Bag that provides high-efficiency pre-filtration to extend the life of the HEPA filter and maximize airflow.
  3. Exhaust Filter: Air exiting the vacuum motor is filtered for added protection against releasing dust.

Instant-Use Suction Hose:

The instant-use suction hose is always ready for use! Simply slip the suction hose out to clean small spills or reach tough corners. The two included, on-board tools and other optional attachments fit onto the hose for more specific cleaning. The wand attachments make conquering staircases an easy task. The 9-foot extension hose contributes to a total hose length of 15 feet, meaning the FELIX Vacuum can be left standing upright while cleaning a small area.

Low 6" Profile:

The SEBO FELIX Series lays flat to make cleaning the gap under beds extremely convenient. This low-profile design makes for easy storage as well.

4-Level Manual Height Adjustment:

The power brush can be adjusted up and down depending on the surface. For thick, plush carpets, move the head up. For hardwood floors, tiles, and other hard surfaces, more the power head down.

Indicator Lights:

  • Brush Obstruction Light with Automatic Shut Off: If the brush roller is obstructed, a red "check brush" light quickly flashes and the brush roller is immediately turned off. This safety measure prevents the motor and brush head from being damaged in the event of a clog.
  • Incorrect Height Setting or Worn Brush Light: When the brush height is too high for optimal cleaning or when the brush roller should be replaed of wear, an orange "check brush" light will turn on. Once brush height is adjusted or a new brush head is installed, the light will turn off automatically.
  • Full Bag or Clog Indicator: When a full bag, clog in the airflow pathway, or an excessively dirty microfilter is detected, this indicator light will light up. In addition, an airflow bypass valve opens to prevent damage to the motor and belt.

Easy Brush Removal and Cleaning:

Replacing the brush head is quick and painless and does not require any tools. Removing the brush to remove tangled hair and other debris is much easier than trying to clean tangled hair out of a brush head that can not be removed from the vacuum unit.

Manual and Automatic Brush Shut Off:

The brush roller can be manually shut off when the FELIX is being used on delicate carpets, rugs, or upholstery. Also, when the suction hose is removed for use, the brush roller is shut off to conserve energy. Lastly, the brush roller is automatically shut off when the FELIX is in its upright, locked position.

Variable Suction Control and Soft Start:

Unlike other upright vacuums, the SEBO FELIX Series Vacuum features variable suction control on the handle rather than on the power head. There's no need to bend over to adjust any suction settings. The gradual power-up extends motor life.

Detachable Suction Unit:

The detachable suction unit creates a hand-held portable vacuum is is easy to move up and down stairs and transforms the FELIX vacuum into the perfect household cleaning device that is great for staircases, car interiors, and upholstery. It can be easily transported using the side handle or shoulder strap attachment. 

Superb Maneuverability:

The 180° swivel neck makes lets the FELIX make tight turns and maneuver around furniture quickly.

"FELIX Premium" Model:

The FELIX Premium Models include a commercial-quality power head, crevice tool, upholstery nozzle, and a parquet brush. The crevice tool and upholstery nozzle can be stored on-board.

"FELIX Kombi" Model:

The FELIX Premium Models include a combination nozzle (straight, flat nozzle for hardwood floors and rugs), crevice tool, and upholstery nozzle. The Kombi can be combined with a FELIX Premium power head, which can be purchased separately.

31-Foot Cord with Rotating Quick-Release Hook:

Rotating the quick-release hook for quick unwinding of the long cord. The cord is long enough to minimize power outlet changes.

Easy Maintenance:

The clog removal door, brush, and replaceable hard floor "sealing strip" are easy to access for replacing or cleaning.

Innovative Exhaust Filter:

Behind the stylish surface hides an ultra-modern S-class exhaust micro-filter that provides excellent air filtration and noise reduction to provide smooth, quiet operation.

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