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Proteque Intensive Therapeutic Skin Protection Lotion (4 oz)

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Proteque Intensive Therapeutic Skin Protection Lotion (4 oz) is guaranteed to deliver skin relief when treating rosacea, eczema, rashes, infections, small cuts, and other skin ailments. Try this physician-recommended, non-steroid skin treatment today!

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Proteque Intensive Therapeutic Skin Protection Lotion (4 oz)

Proteque has been recommended for relieving and preventing symptoms related to eczema, dermatitis, and general skin irritation by over 10,000 physicians since 2002. This non-prescription lotion offers all the benefits of corticosteroid, moisturizers, skin protectants, and antibacterial drugs without using steroids and skin-irritating ingredients. Proteque is clinically tested and is safe for use on the face, hands, feer, and body to stop itch, red, pain, and infection. Water resistance means Protque is perfect for athletes and high temperature environments.

4-Step Protection:

  1. Dimethicone – Water-resistant layer protects against irritants that cause contact dermatitis.
  2. Lonicera Japonica (honeysuckle extract), Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E - Natural Non-Steroid botanical anti-inflammatory ingredients stop itch, redness and relieves pain.
  3. Antimicrobial – Triclosan kills Staph. Aureus and E. Coli. and 20 other bacteria and fungus
  4. Use once or twice daily to prevent and relieve symptoms of recurring eczema and dermatitis.


Use dime-sized portion on hands 1-2 times daily; apply as needed on body; consult physician and stop using immediately if user experiences any major discomfort or allergic reaction.


  • Clinically-tested SAFE for babies, newborns, children, adults, nurses, surgeons and physicians.
  • Clinically tested compatibility with latex and non-latex gloves perfect for Hospitals, Medical and Dental Offices, hair dressers, and anywhere protective gloves are frequently worn
  • Treat the following skin conditions:
    • Body & hand eczema & rashes – babies, children, physicians, nurses, and adults
    • Cancer radiation burns and chemotherapy dermatitis pain relief
    • Bed sores, Dermatitis symptom, burns, sunburn, razor burn, wind burn
    • Baby and senior diaper rash and dermatitis or allergy skin problems; kills E coli.
    • Insect Bites (Bed Bugs, Ants, Mosquitoes, etc.)
    • Diabetes skin problems, particularly feet
    • HIV/AIDS skin conditions
    • Rosacea, Acne Rosacea
    • Hemorrhoid swelling, itch, pain and discomfort
    • Perioral and Eyelid dermatitis
    • Athletes Foot cracked itchy skin
    • Paper and other minor cuts.
    • Post surgical wound protection – itch, irritation, redness, reduced skin moisture loss, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory
  • Non-prescription
  • Non-greasy
  • No steroids
  • UVB Sun Protection
  • FDA Approved and manufactured in FDA approved and inspected manufacturing facility
  • Money-back Guarantee

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Manufacturer Elf

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