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EnviroRite Clearly Clean Powdered Power Whitener & Deodorizer

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Powdered Power helps standard cleaners by adding an oxygenating boost. Great for whitening & deodorizing when tackling really tough cleaning jobs..like laundry, carpets, toilet bowls & much more!

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Why use highly toxic chlorine-based products when there's safer, non-toxic alternative? *The oxidizing properties of Powdered Power means it whitens and deodorizes as it cleans! *Particularly effective at removing organic stains from fabrics, carpets, ceramics, porcelain, plastics, fiberglass, wood, asphalt, concrete, etc. *Color-safe sodium percarbonate has all the advantages of hyperchlorite bleach... and none of the disadvantages! *Powdered Power is free of chlorine, petroleum-based ingredients, frangraces and dyes. *Powdered Power breaks down safely and rapidly. Safe for use with septic systems. *We do NOT test our products on animals.

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Manufacturer EnviroRite

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