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NäsaKleen™ Nasal Aspirator

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Dr. Hana's NäsaKleen is the perfect nasal maintenance system for parents to use on their young infants.

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Dr. Hana's NäsaKleen™ is the perfect tool for maintaining a baby's nasal system! Dr. Hana is dedicated to offering natural and sustainable methods for maintaining a clean and healthy nose. The reusable aspirator is easy for parents to use and the BPA and latex-free aspirator are made of comfortable materials. 

The NäsaKleen™ Nasal Aspirator includes:

  • NäsaKleen Nasal Aspirator
  • 20 Replacement Filters
  • Travel Case
  • Detailed Instruction Guide

Excess mucus is removed and caught using the mucus filters. Use of the aspirator is recommended prior to feeding or sleeping. The silicone nozzle, plastic chamber, and hygiene filter combine with the tube and mouthpiece to form a travel-friendly, durable, and safe aspirator. Unlike traditional bulb syringes and more popular electronic aspirators, the suction and flow of the aspirator are under complete control of the parent. This promotes comfort and reliable performance.

Directions for parents:

  1. Lay the infant flat on his or her back
  2. Exhale to empty your lungs
  3. Place mouthpiece securely in your mouth and place silicone tip/nozzle into the baby's nostril
  4. Inhale as desired through your mouth
  5. Repeat steps on second nostril
  6. Repeat 1-4 times per day as needed

Cleaning the aspirator is extremely easy. The aspirator can be disassembled and washed with warm water and soap. Each foam filter should be disposed of after a single use.

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