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Ladybug 2150 Steam Vapor System

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Quick Overview

The Ladybug® 2150 offers high-end Italian styling and durability with Continuous Flow Technology. Ladybug® Steam Vapor Systems are the ideal alternative to harsh chemical cleaning solutions.

Choose from 3 different Accessory Upgrade Kits FREE ($30 Value)!

Shipping on the Ladybug® 2150 is free!

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    Ladybug 2150 Steam Vapor System with Standard Accessories
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    Ladybug 2150


The Ladybug® 2150 is the entry-level model of Ladybug®'s line of premier steam vapor cleaners. The Ladybug® 2150 includes a self-monitoring "dry" steam generator. The Ladybug® 2150 is the basic version of the Ladybug® 2200S, which sports an additional pressure gauge and optional TANCS® adapter. The Ladybug® 2150 comes with the same set of 13 accessories and your choice of an addition $30 Accessory Upgrade Kit! The exterior pressure gauge and optional TANCS® Technology make the Ladybug® 2150 the staple residential compact cleaner. At only 15 lbs, the Ladybug® 2150 is extremely portable whether it is being transferred from room to room or home to office.

The water reservoir, separate of the boiler, is easily accessible and can be continuously filled to minimize downtime. The pressure gauge and included package of 13 accessories make this Ladybug® a complete kit. The large swivel wheels makes moving the Ladybug® a simple task - even on the thickest carpets. Forgo the use of harsh chemicals and use natural steam vapor technology to clean your home.

Premium Features

Great for cleaning hardwood and traveling on hardwood!
  1. 1. Continuous Fill: Increased safety and decreased downtime make the Ladybug® the ultimate steam cleaner.
  2. 2. Flexible Hose: Increased flexibility increases usability and range.
  3. 3. Steam Control Handle: Power settings make quick work of any job. Don't settle for steam cleaners that don't feature different settings and an on/off switch.
  4. 4. Low-Water Alert: When water levels are low, the Low Water Light will turn on and an audible signal will be given off.
  5. 5. Swivel Wheels: Easily conquer your home's hardwood, tile, linoleum, rugs, and carpets thanks to these built-in swivel wheels.
  6. 6. Stainless Steel Boiler: Durable boiler means years of consistent and high-performing steam power.
  7. 7. Premium Accessory Kit: Each Ladybug® System includes 13 accessories (shown above). See below for more details!
  8. 8. Free Accessory Kit Upgrade: Each Ladybug® System purchased from AlerG comes with an additional accessory kit offered exclusively by AlerG. Each of the 3 options retails for at least $30! See below for more details!
  9. 9. Warranty: Enjoy the comfort of a 3-year warranty on the boiler and a 1-year warranty on parts and accessories from defects in material and workmanship.

Continuous-Fill Technology

Continuous Flow Technology makes refilling the Ladybug&tade; very convenient and safe.

Each Ladybug® system is equipped with Continuous-Fill Technology, which allows users to safely add more water without having to let the system cool down. The reservoir is not heated and is easily accessible from the top of the system. There is no downtime when water is added and no chance of overfilling the boiler and burning yourself. This setup results in quick startup times and makes cleaning the home an extremely quick and convenient task.

Low-quality steamers can only be refilled when the system fully cools down. This construction require users to wait for the water reservoir to be heated every time it is refilled, which wastes time. Ladybug® construction separates the boiler and reservoir as shown.

Complete Steam-Cleaning Station (Free $30 Accessory Kit!)

The Ladybug® 2150 comes with all shown accessories.

Each Ladybug® System includes a free $30 Accessory Kit Upgrade:

Free Tuff Kit Valued at $33.50!


  • Round Scrub Head: Perfect scrub head for jobs that require circular motions
  • Stainless Steel Pads (2): Two stainless steel pads will be included and are great for rubbing down grills and ovens.
  • Small Brass Scrub: Another great scrub head for chemical-free grease removal on grills, stoves, and ovens.
  • Stainless Steel Scrub: Combined with the other four items in this kit, the stainless steel scrub head is great on the toughest, thickest build-ups.

Accessory Kit Option 2 is valued at over $30!


  • Towels (12): An additional dozen washable towels will be included to help scrub whatever surfaces you are looking to clean! ($13.08 Retail)
  • Formula 212 (Quart): Non-toxic and detergent-free cleaning agent is designed for use with steam. This agent serves to pre-treat stubborn, heavily-soiled stains on upholstery, carpets, and textile surfaces. ($8.99 Retail)
  • Plumber's Helper: Break down grime and other build-up that prevents pipes from peak performance. Proper maintenance of plumbing no longer requires calling a local plumber.($9.58 Retail)

Accessory Kit Option 3 is valued at over $30!


  • Towels (12): An additional dozen washable towels will be included to help scrub whatever surfaces you are looking to clean! ($13.08 Retail)
  • Formula 212 (Quart): Non-toxic and detergent-free cleaning agent is designed for use with steam. This agent serves to pre-treat stubborn, heavily-soiled stains on upholstery, carpets, and textile surfaces. ($8.99 Retail)
  • Filler Pad Set: These two filler pads fit into the edge and block scrubbers (see below) and help increase surface contact when disinfecting flat surfaces. ($3.00 Retail)
  • Nozzle Extension: The nozzle extension makes reaching small, tight corners much easier. ($5.94 Retail)

The Ladybug® 2150 also includes:

  • Extension Handles(2): Two extension handles put ceilings and awnings within reach.
  • Flexible Hose: Unlike low-end steamers, the Ladybug® has steam pressure controls and a durable 6.7 foot-long hose.
  • Nylon Brushes: For conquering the smaller, tougher grease and dirt stains.
  • Edged Scrub Head: Conquer touch corners in the kitchen or bathroom using the firm bristles on this pointy attachment.
  • Flat Scrub Head: Use this wide-faced scrubber on wide surfaces such as a floor, wall, or mattress!
  • High-Pressure Nozzle: Tough jobs in small places require higher pressure concentration.
  • Squeegee Head: Removing hard water stains and soap stains from shower doors and mirrors has never been more environmentally-friendly and easy!
  • Nozzle: Perfect for general steam application.
  • Wallpaper Scraper: Steam is a great tool for removing stubborn wallpaper.
  • Funnel: Easily add water to the reservoir without spilling.
  • Boiler Drain Tool: Keep your Ladybug® in great condition by draining it after each use!
  • Training DVD: Watch a how-to video detailing ways to operate your new Ladybug® system.
  • Optional Accessories: In case the included accessories are not enough, Advanced Vapor Technologies has a thorough collection of attachments and accessories to choose from!


Unlike common cleaning chemicals, steam vapor can be used on numerous services ranging from tiles and linoleum to brick and glass. There is no need to purchase multiple cleaning solutions for each surface of your home. Rather, use the Ladybug®'s non-toxic steam cleaning power to keep your home spotless.

Ladybug® works well on brick surfaces.

Brick Surfaces

Interior and exterior brick surfaces can benefit from steam cleaning. Fireplaces, fire pits, walls, and driveways can be properly cleaned using the scrubbing attachments that come standard with Ladybug® systems.
Safe for both leather and cloth car interiors.

Car Interior

Both leather and cloth car interiors can benefit from the steam vapor power of Ladybug® systems. Remove dirt stains and sticky food spills with ease. Any dust mites hiding in the floor mats will also be eliminated.
Works well on stubborn oven stains.

Oven Racks

Burnt-on grease and food stains are no problem for any Ladybug® Steam Vapor System.
Ladybug® systems are safe to use on children's toys.

Children's Toys

Sterilize children's toys including building blocks, stuffed animals, telescopes, and more!
Ladybug® Systems make showers look brand new.

Showers and Bathtubs

Hard water and soap can leave stain marks on your shower floors and doors. Steam power can break down build-up to unmask a shiny shower!
Clean your mattress without using toxic irritants.


Safely eliminate lice, bed bugs, dust mites, and unwanted bacteria and viruses that may be infesting your sleep space.
Steam vapor is safe to use on your linoleum kitchen and bathroom floors.


Mops and rags may pickup dirt, but they only spread around the germs. Use steam power to eliminate those germs on hardwood, tile, linoleum, and carpet!
Ladybug® systems are safe to use around food, pets, and children!


Steam vapor is a geat alternative to harsh chemicals when it comes to cleaning the inside of your refrigerator. No need to empty the fridge every time you want to clean something sticky!
Make your mirrors squeaky clean!

Mirrors and Windows

The squeegee attachment makes cleaning mirrors and windows a breeze! Even use the Ladybug® on your car's windshield.
Steam away wrinkles and sanitize your upholstery!


Use the Ladybug® to steam away wrinkles on clothing and eliminate unwanted allergens from curtains, bedding, furniture, and other upholstery.


  • Reservoir Capacity: 1.4L
  • Boiler Capacity: 1.7L
  • TANCS®: Only offered on 2200S, XL 2300, and Tekno 2350 Models-
  • Temperature: 290ºF
  • Minimum Operating Pressure: 60 psi
  • Power Ratings: 120V-1500W
  • ETL/ETLC Listed: Yes
  • Dimensions: 10.5"H x 12"W x 16"D
  • Weight: 15 lbs


  • Boiler Warranty: 3-Year Warranty. Extended to 8-Year Warranty with TANCS® Upgrade.
  • Internal Parts Warranty: 1-Year Warranty
  • Warranty covers defects in material and workmanship as defined by the terms and conditions in the limited warranty.

About Ladybug® Steam Vapor Systems

Ladybug® systems are brought to you by Advanced Vapor Technologies, a health-friendly company determined to provide environmentally-friendly and scientifically-proven cleaning solutions to homes and businesses around the world. Cleaning dirty areas such kitchens and bathrooms used to require generous amounts of harsh, odorous chemicals such as chlorine bleach, petroleum distillates, ammonia, hydrochloric acid, and sodium acid sulfate. Many cleaning products label themselves "environmentally-friendly", but is anything as environmentally-friendly as tap water? Why deal with chemicals that can cause eye, lung, and skin irritations? Advanced Vapor Technologies offers a non-toxic, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible steam cleaning system that can disinfect almost any surface in your home!

       The Ladybug is perfect for rugs!      Steam can help remove water stains and grime from mirrors!      Use the Ladybug on furniture, clothing, and other linens!      Use the Ladybug on countertops, sinks, toilets and showers!

Patented TANCS® Technology

Ladybug's Patented TANCS® Technology

Purchased separately, the TANCS® module costs $300 and is compatible with the Ladybug® 2200S and Ladybug® XL 2300 models.

TANCS® is the key technology used in Ladybug® systems to eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and other unwanted microscopic scum. The Ladybug® XL 2300 is an EPA-registered non-chemical cleaning mechanism thanks to the combination of steam vapor and TANCS® upgrade. TANCS® stands for Thermo Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation and takes advantage of natural impurities in municipal tap water. The TANCS® Processor transforms these natural impurities into nano crystals that are then heated in the boiler. Once these crystals have passed through the boiler, the crystals are accelerated through the ladybug® hose along with the steam. This combination of high temperature steam and nano crystals targets cell membranes and quickly destroys the neighboring germs. Though this combination extremely lethal for bacteria an viruses, it is perfectly safe to use around children and pets!

Health Intentional Cleaning®

Ladybug® Steam Vapor Systems are built to clean beyond what the naked eye can see. Yes, the Ladybug® can cut through grease, water stains, dirt, and grime, but the real cleaning occurs when bacteria, viruses, bed bugs, dust mites, flea eggs, lice, mold, and mildew are eliminated. Common household polishers and cleaning solutions often use harsh chemicals that only leave surfaces looking clean and rooms full of odors. Ladybug® Steam Vapor Systems need only tap water to provide a non-toxic, odor-less cleaning solution that does not leave skin, eye, or lung irritants polluting your air. Unlike harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleach, petroleum distillates, ammonia, nitrobenzene, hydrochloric acid, and sodium acid sulfate, steam vapor is safe to use around children and pets.


  • 1989 - Advanced Vapor Technologies' founder introduces first vapor systems to the United States
  • 1997 - Ladybug® systems are equipped with new Continuous Fill System to increase safety and convenience for refilling
  • 2001 - Ladybug® is scientifically proven to eliminate dust mites and remain effective for up to 8 weeks
  • 2004 - TANCS® (Thermal Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation) is introduced to Ladybug® systems to increase boiler efficiency and durability by eliminating scale build up
  • 2004 - Nationally Recognized Test Lab, Nelson Laboratory (Salt Lake City, Utah) verifies disinfection capabilities of TANCS® in Ladybug® systems
  • 2006 - Microbiotest, Inc. tests Ladybug® systems for effectiveness on Norvirus, Norwalk-like viruses, Avian Influenza Virus, and Canine Parvovirus. Results show a 5-7 log reduction of pathogens after 5 seconds of exposure to TANCS® steam vapor.
  • 2007 - TANCS® steam vapor tested for efficacy on Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), A.baumannii, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Salmonella choleraesuis, Escherichia coli, Enerococcus faecium (VRE), Candida, albicans, Aspergillus niger, and MS2 virus surrogate. Contact times tested (seconds): 0.05, 1, 2 and 5. Results confirm 5-7 log reduction of pathogens with a 5 seconds or less of exposure to TANCS® steam vapor. Data by ATL, Pleasanton, California. 
  • 2007 - Antimicrobial Test Laboratories, LLC conducts C. difficile study which shows complete disinfection after 5 seconds of treatment with TANCS® steam vapor
  • 2007 - Industrial grade MondoVap® System equipped with TANCS® used in 123,321 square foot 24-hour library at University of Washington used by over 10,000 students daily. Excellent results found in all 18 bathrooms while minimizing chemical use and minimizing facilities downtime. 
  • 2009 - TANCS® patent application is granted U.S. Patent No. 7,547,413 by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • 2009 - American Journal of Infection Control publishes research validating steam-powered cleaning as a viable replacement to chemical disinfectants for hospitals
  • 2010 - Recognized university compiling research results for publication on destruction of biofilms using TANCS®. More information will be posted once final research is published.

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