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Airfree P2000 Air Purifier

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Quick Overview

The Natural Solution for Asthma, Allergies, Mold and Air Contamination

The natural Airfree® TSS™ technology uses heated air to destroy airborne mold, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and pollen allergens. It is a great product for people living with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions

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The Most Tested Air Purifier
Not only the most tested air purifier, but the most successfully tested. Here is why; Airfree's exclusive and patented Thermodynamic Sterilizing System (TSS™) technology has been independently tested in “real life” working conditions by world renowned institutions and ISO 17025 laboratories in six different countries including the
USA, Sweden and Germany. These tests prove that Airfree® totally destroys up to 99.99% microorganisms that pass through its patented TSS™, no matter how small or hazardous they might be.
Airfree® offers a detailed copy of the independent tests on its website www.airfree.com assuring consumers of Airfree's outstanding efficiency in drastically reducing airborne microorganisms such as

  • Mold spores
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Pollens
  • Dust mite remains, excrement, and allergens
  • Organic odors
  • Ozone
  • Pet Dander

The Safest Air Purifier
No Ozone nor hazardous emissions
1. Airfree® emits no ozone. The Airfree® TSS™ technology generates no dangerous emissions, NO ions, NO UV light and NO ozone. In fact, independent tests in laboratories in Sweden demonstrate that Airfree®
actually reduces ozone by 26%. Ozone is a toxic gas that according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) can trigger asthma and destroy lung tissue.2. No need to change dirty contaminated filters nor to clean dirty blades. For allergic
people, contact with infected materials can be very harmful, possibly resulting in a severe allergic reaction. Airfree´s exclusive TSS™ technology completely destroys and eliminates all organic contaminants. Airfree® destroys all microorganisms as well as its harmful elements including their bio-toxins.
Most microorganisms, such as mold spores, remain a great threat even after they have been killed, as their bio-toxins remain active. It is important to choose an air purifier that destroys ALL of these harmful elements. Airfree® is proven 99.99% effective in destroying all microorganisms.

Why Airfree®?
1. Silent! No sound emission
2. No filters or UV lamps to replace! Replacement parts for other air purifiers may cost over $200 a year.
3. Economic! The natural Airfree® TSS™ technology uses less electricity than a 50W light bulb and requires no replacement parts that cost hundreds of dollars a year.
4. Ozone and Ion free! The natural Airfree® TSS™ technology is ozone and ion free and has no hazardous emission. Airfree® reduces toxic and corrosive Ozone, which according to the EPA may trigger asthma and destroy lung tissue.
5. Exclusive Natural and Clean Technology! The Airfree® TSS™ technology uses heat alone to incinerate airborne microorganisms. No fiber-glass filters, triclosan-coated paper nor any type of material harmful to you or the environment when disposed of. Airfree® is the only technology that reduces ozone while simultaneously destroying microorganisms
6. Efficient! Airfree® has been tested in real working environments with credible ISO
microorganisms such as mould spores, bacteria, viruses, and dust mite allergens that pass through its patented TSS™, regardless of how hazardous or miniscule they might be.
7. Easy to install and use! Just place Airfree® on the floor and plug it into the nearest electric outlet. No need for constant maintenance or cleaning.
8. Safe! No need to touch or change dirty and contaminated filters. Electrical safety is assured by the CE and TUV Seals of Approval.
9. Faster Performance! Microorganism reduction begins just 15 minutes after Airfree® is plugged in.
10. Durable! Airfree® has a rugged and durable design with no moving parts, resulting in
virtually no wear and tear.
11.Allergy and Asthma Relief! Airfree destroys dust mites, moulds, fungus, and other microorganisms that are the main offenders in triggering allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions.
12. Anti-Stress Light! Anti-Stress Light! The exclusive Airfree® dimmer controlled anti-stress light. Ideal for children’s rooms can also be used as a night light or turned off completely.
13. New user-friendly warning sensor! Airfree's state of the art sensor warns users if their unit is improperly installed.
14. Awarded Design Small and Portable

Capacity: 550 sq. ft
Electric consumption: 48W
Voltage: 110 - 127V
Dimensions: height 10.4 in (26.5 cm) and diameter 8.4 in (21.5) cm
Noise level: Completely silent.
Weight: 2.8 lbs (1.09KG)


Home, Office Archives,Libraries, Museums, Schools, Universities,Kindergartens and Daycares, RetirementHomes, Housing for the Elderly, Hotels,Vacation Resorts, Stores, Super Markets,Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Ocean Cruisers,
Yachts, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Will one Airfree® unit be powerful enough for my room?
One Airfree® is powerful enough to purify the air in rooms up to 550 sq ft for the P2000 model

How does Airfree® work?
Airfree® is the ONLY proven technology on the market that fully destroys and neutralizes mold spores, dust mite allergens, viruses, bacteria, pet dander, organic allergens, and ozone. Airfree® works by drawing air through tiny ducts into its patented TSS™ incineration chamber where up to 99.99% of microorganisms are incinerated. Poisonous gases like ozone are there destroyed as well. The heat used in Airfree® has no noticeable effect on the temperature of the room.

How much does Airfree® cost to run?
Very little! Remember, Airfree® has no expensive Hepa filters or UV bulbs to replace. Replacement filters for other air purifiers can cost in excess of $150 a year.Airfree® has none of these ongoing costs, and is designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, consuming less than a 50W light bulb which is quite insignificant compared to the 200W Hepa filters used in other air purifiers

How can I be sure that Airfree® really works?
Please remember that Airfree® is probably the only air purifier manufacturer offering detailed copies of independent tests in real life conditions, in large rooms occupied by people, assuring Airfree’s outstanding efficiency in drastically reducing airborne microorganisms. These independent tests can be seen at www.airfree.com .

ozone Free Certified
The Swedish National Testing and Research Institute has tested.Airfree® and verified that it emits absolutely NO amount of ozone. As a matter of fact, Airfree® even reduces the amount of this toxic gas by 26%.
ozone, which is emitted by many air cleaners currently on the market, is anoxious lung irritant that can, even in small amounts trigger allergic reactions.

Bacteria and Mold Reduction Certified
Destroys 99.99% of all microorganisms including any type of fungi and spores, virus and bacteria. According to independent
laboratory tests the average airborne mold and bacteria reduction from Airfree® is 85% to 95% in areas up to 450 sq ft. All
the tests were realized in “real life” conditions, not in small and closed chambers.

Allergen Reduction Certified
Independent tests performed in Cambridge-UK verified Airfree’s ability to very effectively control the hazardous airborne house dust mite allergen Derp 1.

Before deciding answer the following questions:

  • Does the chosen manufacturer provide a copy (not quotes) of independent tests proving their claims?
  • Precisely how does the device purify the air?
  • Does the chosen air purifier generate ozone? Is it safe?
  • How much will it cost to replace filters and parts?
  • Is it noisy?
  • Is the technology natural, clean and environmentally friendly?
  • How cumbersome and heavy is it?
  • Will it interfere with the decoration of your house?

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