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CWR Mini-Mate Ionic Air Purifier

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Now, a miniature advanced personal air purifier that protects the air you breathe anywhere you go.

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Doctor tested at UCLA and Travel Medicine Center. Years of validation studies by physicians and PhD research institutes reveals the Mini-Mate Ionic Air Purifier is the most advanced air contamination avoidance technology and The Mini-Mate is not an ionizer or and ozone machine. Rather it's a "Non" Thermal Ionic Corona Discharge Plasma Purifier. Features: -The non-thermal ionic plasma decontamination is the ultimate technology that helps protect you from airborne -biological and chemical agents in immediate area. -A compact, lightweight, easy to use-ionic air purifier that cleans the air around you. -Great for offices, restaurants airplanes, automobiles and smoky places. Technical Specifications -Dimensions: 2.5"x.5"x1.5" -Weight: 1.5 ounces -Air Flow: 55 Ft/min. -Internal Ion Flow: 120 trillion ions/sec -Color: Black Only Other Features: -Lithium battery (CR123A) included -Comes with necklace cord for easy wear. -Compact, fits in your pocket -Covers a radius of 1-2 feet Contaminants Reduced: -Bacteria -Odors -Allergens & Molds -Perfume -Cigarette Smoke -Dust

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