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Bed Bug & Dust Mite ERADICATOR Spray (24 oz)

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Quick Overview

The Bed Bug & Dust Mite ERADICATOR Spray is the perfect solution for eliminating bed bugs, lice, dust mites, and other bed critters without using harsh chemicals.

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The Bed Bug & Dust Mite ERADICATOR Spray is a non-toxic, bio-degradeable formula that eradicates all strains of bed bug infestations, even those immune to the toxic pesticide chemicals (usually Pyrethroids, which are a synthetic Pyrethrum and a neurotoxin). Bed bugs, dust mites, lice and other critters are eliminated on contact thanks to the ERADICATOR's special, green formula.

While highly effective, the ERADICATOR contains no chemical pesticides, making the product safe to use generously around children and pets.

Eradicator is also effective against household pests such as fleas, ticks, scabies, and chiggers.


How it Works

ERADICATOR is a specially formulated product that naturally attacks the exoskeleton of bed bugs, dust mites, and other household insects. Eradicator begins to work immediately when the product contacts the exoskeleton of the adult bed bugs or their microscopic nymphs. The product’s active ingredients react violently with the insects’ exoskeleton, causing immediate immobilization then death. Because it is biodegradable, ERADICATOR may be sprayed liberally on all surfaces where bed bugs or dust mites may be found.

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Manufacturer Elf

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