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CWR 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Series

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The CWR, Reverse Osmosis System has several unique features including: T.F.C. membrane, ceramic filters which remove more contaminants than other water treatment systems. For high quality, pure, great tasting water.

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STAGE 1: --5 Micron Sediment Filter STAGE 2: --5 Micron Carbon Block STAGE 3: --5 Micron Carbon Block STAGE 4: --50 gpd TFC Membrane STAGE 5: --Polisher 10" inline coconut Shell Carbon *An Ultraviolet upgrade can be added. Features: --50 Gallons Per Day (gpd) --4.0 Gallon metal (standard) 4.0 Gallon plastic (optional)storage tank --Single piece manifold eliminates many hose connections for greater flow. --Dimensions: 5" D X 16" H X 16"W --Tank Dimensions" 17"H X 11"W --Shipping Weight: 21 lbs. --Touch-Flo Air Gap Faucets are lead free. --Entire System is NSF Certified and DHS Certified in California. --40-80 PSI Operation Pressure. PSI > 80 requires pressure regulator. --Double O-Ring Design Housing --1 year warranty --Compact design for kitchen installation --Easy Connect Fittings THE REPLACEMENT PACKAGE FOR THE 5 STAGE REVERSE OSMOSIS-MANIFOLD - NSF (MODEL #: POU-RFROWP512) CONTAINS: I2 -5 MIC SEDIMENT (MODEL #: POU-RFROSED) 4 CARBON BLK VOC FILTERS (MODEL #: RF-CB5) 1 10" IN LINE POLISHER (MODEL #: POU-RFROPOL) 1 MEMBRANE (MODEL #: POU-RFROWP5MEM) 1 FLOW RESTRICTOR (MODEL #: POU-RFROWP5F)

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