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CWR Crown Stainless Steel Water Filter - Undercounter

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The filter is designed for maximum contaminant reduction of your drinking water. It combines the extraordinary parasite removing capability of Ceramic Microfiltration with advanced Carbon and Ion Exchange technology, plus Ultraviolet to reduce bacteria and viruses. Additional upgrades are available to reduce fluoride or nitrates.

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FEATURES: -Most durable stainless steel housing on the market. -Uses larger diameter filters in unique combinations. -Can resist higher pressure fluctuations. -Wide range of contaminant reduction. -Supplied with faucet and housing accessories. -Plumber Installed. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: -Housing Size: 5" Diameter x 12" High -Fittings: 1/4" push fittings -Filters: 2.5" x 9.75" -Type of Filters: -Ceramic -Fluoride Removing -VOC Rated Carbon Blocks -Customized Nitrate Reducing -Hook Up Accessories -Counter Top -Diverter Valve -Adapters -Spigot to discharge filtered water -Under Counter -3/8" 3 Way Tee Push Fitting -1/4" Push Fits on housing (in & out) -Dispenser with 1/4" & 3/8" connectors All Crown Basic Stainless Steel Water Filters contain a larger diameter ceramic/carbon filter. Several models are available with up to 6 stages of filtration media plus ultraviolet. Basic Model (CWR-IMPSS) -4 Stages - ceramic and carbon plus ion exchange. -Parasite, chlorine, lead, bad taste, odor, dirt and rust are reduced. Basic Model plus Ultraviolet (IMP-SSUV) - -Add the Ultraviolet germicidal unit to the basic model for additional protection from bacteria and viruses. Basic Model plus Fluoride (IMP-SSFL) -A Fluoride reducing filter is added to the basic model in identical stainless steel housing. Basic Model plus VOC (IMP-SSVOC) -A VOC/THM filter is added to increase the reduction of chlorine, THM's, VOC's, and other toxic chemicals. Triple Systems Basic Model + Fluoride + Ultraviolet (IMP-SSFLUV) -Basic Model + VOC + Ultraviolet (IMP-SSVCUV) -Provides the highest level of protection of your drinking water against a wide range of chemicals, heavy metals -and Microorganisms.

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