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Deluxe Showerwise Filtration System

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Quick Overview

Showerwise is Waterwise's answer to shower water filtration. Waterwise is one of the leading manufacturer's or premium grade water distillation systems. Waterwise understands that your body and health benefit from clean water. Whether you need solutions to purify your home's air, shower water, or drinking water, Waterwise has the perfect solution for you.

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Deluxe Showerwise Filtration System

Showerwise effectively removes chlorine and other harmful contaminants. Your body can absorb more chlorine in a ten minute shower than from drinking the same water all day! Also reduces iron, lead, mercury, hydrogen sulfide, several types of bacteria, algae, fungi and mold. Say goodbye to dull hair and irritated, itchy skin with Showerwise.

No special tools required—simply remove your existing showerhead and install the Showerwise System. The filter cartridge typically needs replacing once a year, depending on your water quality and frequency of use. Turbo-massage showerhead is included.


  • Filter Length: 4.25" (10.79 cm)
  • Filter Diameter: 3.75" (9.53 cm)
  • Filter with Shower Head: 7.75" (19.68 cm)
  • Patented Filter Media: Chlorgon & KDF-55
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 2.5 gallons per minute
  • Cartridge Life Expectancy: Up to 15,000 gallons (12 months)
  • Net Weight: 31 oz (0.88 kgs)
  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited

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Manufacturer Waterwise

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